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caramel frappe with oreo dupe!

If you're like me and are addicted to that caramel frappe (with Oreo) from McDonald's, you're gonna wanna try this recipe! Because why pay $3 for it when you can spend $30 on the ingredients and make it yourself... then clean up the mess!? 😂

No but seriously... I think I cracked the code!

Here's what you'll need:

-8 oz of Breakfast Blend McCafe K-Cups -OR- Caramel Me Crazy by Dunkin Donuts

(depending on how strong of a coffee taste you prefer. DD gives a very strong taste coffee and that's not really my preference, but it was still delish! Oh, and for a CAFFEIENE-FREE option, use hot chocolate!)

-1 cup of Caramel Macchiato coffee creamer

-1/2 cup of caramel coffee syrup (to taste)

-cookies and cream ice cream

-2 cups of ice

And for the rim of the glass (optional - if you're feeling fancy)

-whipped cream

-royal icing

-3 oreos (crush 2, 1 for garnishment)

Prepare the rim of the glass first:

(if you're not decorating the rim, skip these steps... obvi!)

  1. crush up two oreos

  2. ice the rim of the outside of your glass with the royal icing

  3. gently pat the iced rim onto the crushed oreos - lift, turn & repeat

  4. drizzle caramel inside the glass alone the sides (will drip down, that's ok)

  5. cut a triangle out of the third Oreo (it may crack and that's ok, too!) and carefully place on rim

Now for the frappe:

  1. add three scoops of ice to blender first

  2. pour in coffee

  3. add creamer, ice and caramel

  4. blend (but not TOO much, depending on the consistency you prefer)

  5. pour in glass

  6. top with whipped cream

  7. drizzle on a little more caramel

  8. sprinkle on some leftover Oreo crumbles

  9. enjoy!

It's that easy! Takes *maybe* five minutes. Makes 2 large servings.



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