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Kids really do pay attention!

The kids surprised me with these beautiful family photos by Mixtiles!

This Mother's Day was one for the books. Dave and the kids REALLY outdid themselves!

Maybe I’m lazy or just overwhelmed by the amount of photos to choose from 🤪 idk but I never print photos. They just sit in my phone taking up storage.

Thanks to pandemic boredom, I recently refreshed our living room (no new furniture, just new decor). Except there was one wall that was as bare as my ring finger was a few months ago.

So the kids surprised me with prints from @Mixtiles shortly after Mother’s Day! I love surprises and this was perfect! They even included photos from Dave's and my engagement shoot! Now the living room is complete... except I do need to get the carpets cleaned because six kids can REALLY put a hurting on some carpet! 🥴😂

They got Dave to steal my phone and picked out the photos and uploaded them to the Mixtiles website. Once the tiles arrived, they hid the boxes from me and waited for the perfect moment to get to work... a Sunday morning: my day to sleep in, a routine I NEVER waiver from! haha

Once they were done, they woke me up and told me to get dressed because there was a surprise downstairs. With six kids you never really know what KIND of surprise you're walking into so I was slightly nervous. Especially since they blindfolded me! But my heart was SO full when they revealed their surprise. How thoughtful. Kids really do pay attention. I'd been wanting to hang family photos on our walls for so long and just never got around to it. And if this pandemic has taught us one thing, it's live now!

I’ll definitely be getting more Mixtiles. They have an array of sizes and framing options, the quality is beautiful and the tiles are SO easy to “hang.” So easy the kids were able to knock this project out all by themselves. Literally just peel and stick. No nails, no hammer = no damage... which is perfect for renters who don’t wanna lose that deposit 😉 And they can be taken down and rehung up to 10 times.

Check out this video Dave shot of the kids working hard on their crafty plan . It's precious!

Head to to beautify your walls. Happy sticking!



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