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Why "Mother Tougher?"

Mother Tougher

mŭth'ər · tŭf'ər


a. domestic super hero who is/was pregnant or has given birth, adopted, fostered, raised and/or loved a child(ren) 

b. woman who has survived swollen breasts, sore nipples, bladder pressure, labor, delivery/c-section, sleepless nights, lactation explosion, pumping her life away, missing meals, countless loads of laundry & dishes, despeartely searching for a pacifier in the middle of the night, kissing boo-boos, scaring away monsters out of the closet and from under the bed, working all day -- whether in the office or at home-- and managing to muster up enough energy to prepare a savory meal, etc.

c. known for wearing messy bun, dark bags under eyes, spitup stained tee, and sweat pants like a goddess (but can occasionally pull it together for date night)

The Creator: Troy Michel

Blogger, Radio and TV personality, mother tougher of eight

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My mother was always so open and honest with me about pregnancy and the delivery that I knew what to expect the day I found out I was pregnant. My friends were not so fortunate. I'm constantly hearing, "I wish I would've known..." or "no one ever talks about..." and, quite honestly, I'm shocked that, during a time where everyone shares their most intimate moments on social  media, women aren't more vocal about the reality and truth of their experiences as parents and the journey to get there.

Well, that shy, polite, politically-correct attitude ends here and NOW! It's time to shed the shame and embrace the beauty, and harsh reality, of motherhood. Remember the old adage: "whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger?" Well, think of all you've been through: achy breast, morning sickness, stretch marks, DELIVERY!, C-section, tearing, exhaustion, sore nipples, etc. You are one tough mother! You should be praised--not shamed-- for all you do and have done! This is your safe haven. Laugh, cry, vent... feel free to join in on the discussion. You've earned it! Welcome, you mother tougher, you!

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