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"You Need To Get Fixed!": What Not To Say To A Mom of Six

Recently, I attended my best friends' gender reveal. Noticeably pregnant, people congratulated me and proceeded with the typical questions: how far along?, when are you due?, boy or girl?, etc.

Then my favorite: is this you're first? I always smile before answering because I know what follows: shock! lmao!

“You know how they’re made, right?”, “are y’all done?”, “are y’all crazy?”, etc.

Truth is, we both wanted a large family.

Plus, my maternal grandmother had SEVEN then adopted FOUR more, and my paternal grandmother had EIGHT (all at home in her living room!). So, you could say it runs in my blood! 💪🏾

Usually, I just play along and laugh it off. I truly don't mind their remarks as they come with the territory, I guess.

Rolls right off the shoulder.

But one guest in attendance surprised me with their reaction: "Six!? Oh, you need to get fixed!"

Now, my mother raised my brothers and me to be honest, say what’s on our minds & how we feel, to be real and honest without holding back. So, I’m not easily offended.. especially when people make comments about the amount of children @issadadbod and I have.

BUT! Why do people care? Why are they so concerned with what I do with MY uterus? I get the shock of it. I find the jokes (although hella played out) amusing BUT to tell me to “get fixed” is simply rude. I’m not an animal. Furthermore, I'm. Not. Broken. No need to fix a thing about me, booboo. And if you’re not housing, feeding or caring for the kids *I* birth, move along, Karen! 💥Isn't there a manager you need to speak with somewhere??? Girl, bye!


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